What the Frank?

We’re aware that Buying your first or your next NFT can be a big financial decision and with that in mind, we want to tell you EXACTLY what you get when you buy, your own I’m Frank NFT We’ve broken down our key features below.


We created a sister collection to I’m Frank that would showcase all the awards and rewards our customer can claim named “Franks Little Achievers” . The takeaway from this collection is that NFTBoom will never sell anything from this collection, we only give them away. That means the holders have complete control of the market supply. To claim the latest Franks Little Achievers, you simply need to head to our discord and get verified. The way to earn one differs upon release dependent on demand but here are a few examples of what we’ve done in the past:

Dedicated Community

We would be nothing without our members and in support of them we are constantly engaging in light conversation on our discord or supporting owners alternative projects. We even go head and shoulders beyond other projects in terms of tech support when things go wrong. We are here to stay and the best of our community are too. Join our discord and come say hi, we promise we don’t bite. Here’s a few times we’ve either supported our community or they’ve supported the project:

  • Community Buy – Our community got sick of our floor price dropping after the polygon network and opensea suffered a month of issues. With that in mind, a handful of them got together to invest more into the project and in doing so, doubled out floor price in 24 hours!
  • Tech Support – Put simply, crypto isn’t as easy as it should be just yet. Peter (Or techy frank as he’s known on the discord) is on hand to answer any of your crypto questions as best he can.
  • Project Promotion – A lot of our members have their own projects, where opportunities have presented them selves we have bought some of our members nfts to re-gift them to our community. Everyone wins!

Members Only Discounts

With the launch of our merch store, all owners of our nft will receive heavy discounts on hoodies, mugs, t-shirts and whatever other crazy merch ideas GB (The artist behind I’m Frank) comes up with

Be Heard

We are constantly pivoting the project based on feedback from our members. One such example of the creation of “the frank foundation” – a special wallet set up that will give owners access to 50 community franks to do with as they please.

And More!

This list is ever expanding based on community feedback and our occasional light bulb moment, the best place to keep up with all the comings and goings and have your voice heard is to get involved in our discord – everyone is friendly and if they’re not, we ban them. What could go wrong?! Alternatively – if you’d like to judge us by our actions instead of our promises you should check out our diary.