This roadmap is always evolving. We account for community feedback as well as the ever changing regulatory DeFi landscape. When the roadmap is modified and features, events, or utilities are altered, they will be replaced with bigger better things.

Don’t like something on the roadmap? Let us know – Join us on discord where there is a dedicated channel to roadmap discussion for Frank Holders.

0-25% The Journey Begins

Social Media Push

We will be focusing heavily on all socials to try and increase awareness of the frank project


  • Developed partnerships
  • Ran paid promotions
  • Participated in collaborations
  • Produced the Frank Gallery – A virtual gallery showcasing some of the best work

We will continue to work on this in future.

Invest in Infrastructure

We will re-price Frank aggressively based on the current demand for him. If they are selling, we increase by a lot. If they aren’t selling, we slow down the repricer so as not to pull away from the floor price.


  • We have reinvested profits from our early success into a dedicated pricing machine running multiple VMs to handle the work load.
  • We are adjusting the repricing weekly based on demand


We don’t want you to feel like there is no benefit to holding your frank but we also don’t want you to get wrapped up in corporate greed. It Frankly isn’t us.

So we launched “Franks Little Achievers” – this collection consists of all of our competition franks and is essentially controlled by the community. We will never sell items from here so it is up to you as the community to decide their true value.


  • Frank 500
  • Frank Army
  • Frankentine
  • Man with the golden frank
  • The O.G. Frank
  • Superbowl frank
  • Festive Frank
  • Franks Friday Funtime
  • Employee of the month
  • Zombie Frank
  • Golden Frank #2
  • Franks Friday Funtime #2

More competitions to come in this period.

25-50% Franks Visits the Mall

Website Upgrade

Major upgrade to make the website more user friendly and Frankly – Fun (see what we did there?)


We will constantly be updating content and features as they are required

Merch Store

The launch of Frank Merchandise via a dropshipping solution


Prize Giveaways & frank prints

We are proud of Frank and we’re sure you are too – that’s why we want to do custom prints for our community. We will be giving some of these away in our discord and across our socials upon launch of the merch store yet we are unsure that we can offer the same quality using the merch store to sell them.

We are also looking at “frank-like” from stickers to funko pops (and more)


  • Print design finalized and tested
  • Merch pack items received
  • Fun items (including Frank-esk funko pop) received


  • Finalization of competition terms / gathering of addresses etc
  • Final test pack to be sent so the “user experience” can be approved

Charitable Donations

We are committed to making a charitable donation at the end of this period based on our profits. The charity will be chosen from by our community using our socials.

Not Started

Frank Mail

Want to be notified about contests and giveaways?

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50-75% Franks Finds New Friends

Kit upgrade

Frank was launched on aging kit and took longer than it should have done simply because we didn’t have the computing power we needed.

With this in mind, we will be upgrading our devices accordingly to allow for the best product without an unreasonable wait

Not Started

Untitled Project (wink wink)

We will launch a new project to complement Frank and upon launch will offer exclusive access to existing frank holders first. We will take all the lessons learnt thus far and apply them to this project.

Proof of Concept Initiated

Hiring of staff

Frank was launched by two people both with outside lives to consider. We dont want any more delays to frank so we will be looking to outsource certain projects where we can to dedicated staff without compromising on quality

Not Started

75-100% Franks Fairground Adventure

Frank Season 2

We will formally announce the official launch of season 2 franks with frank holders being the first to get access to them.

Not Started


We are really going big here. Prizes will be adjusted due to community feedback but one clear winner so far has been a custom Frank Canvas painted by YourFaceHere. A truly one off piece.

We will also be running competitions for crypto giveaways.

There are a lot of options here and we are open to suggestions.


  • Building prize list
  • Frank Canvas
  • Crypto Giveaway
  • MORE

BIG charity Donation

We can’t put a number on it right now given we don’t have the cost of all the other roadmap elements fully costed – however, we are committed to giving back. The exact amount and the charity (charities) of choice will be decided by our community

Not Started