Project Statistics

Below you’ll find all the nerdy statistics you can handle, if that’s not for you, perhaps try WTF? – A summary of rewards for our buyers.

Collection Stats

Total Volume: eth
(The eth value of every frank ever traded)

Total Sales:
(The quantity of franks that have been traded)

Number of owners:
(The number of unique wallets that contain a frank)

Floor Price:
(The price of the frank listed for the least)

Market Cap: eth
(The selling price of all franks combined. If everything sold right now, this would be the resulting eth)

Daily/Weekly/Monthly breakdown

1 Day Volume: eth
1 Day Change: eth
1 Day Sales:
1 Day Average Price: eth

7 Day Volume: eth
7 Day Change: eth
7 Day Sales:
7 Day Average Price: eth

30 Day Volume: eth
30 Day Change: eth
30 Day Sales:
30 Day Average Price: eth