Franks Diary

Below you can see all the latest entries from to our diary, if this is too much reading for you, there is a quick summary of why we think you should buy here. Alternately – if you’re here for the art, our virtual gallery should satisfy your cravings.

  • Highway to the collab zone

    Today we minted not only our first “real” collab (ie with dual artist participation) but also a tip of our collective cap to maverick!

    Top Frank

    A top gun themed Polygon NFT with everyone’s favourite Frank in the cockpit

    With the release of the Top Gun film, Frank was itching to get into the cockpit of his favourite Jet and take to the skies. With a mint quantity of just 6, this is one of our rarest NFTs to date and has the rarity tag of “Legendary”. As always, you can enter the competition in our discord.

    Surreal Frank

    We took a shine to the artwork of “Normie101” and couldn’t resist this collab

    Our first “Real Collab”, this piece was creating with our artist (GB) and the guest artist (Normie) passing art work back and forth between each other to create this stunning piece. As always, minted on polygon – we minted 25 of these, 1 each for the Frank creators, 6 for giveaways in our discord and 17 given to the guest artist to do with as he pleases. We are excited by the prospect of this kind of collaboration and will continue to seek out similar opportunities in future

  • Two More Little Achievers

    We made a couple of brilliant additions to the Franks Little Achievers NFT collection today:

    Better Call Frank!

    Better Call Frank – Saul goodman inspired Polygon Nft

    Your favourite attorney at law immortalised in Frank Form. Minted to celebrate the season finale we decided to give this NFT away to participants of the new “Frank Auctions”. The auctions gave those who couldn’t quite afford frank but are active in the community a chance to get in on the ground floor. If you’re interested in our auctions, join our discord (links in footer) to participate

    Frank Bot 3000

    Frank Bot 2000 NFT – Always protecting our discord

    For those of you familiar with our discord, this will come as no surprise but for everyone else – Frank bot is the protector of our discord. He offers advice, security and cheesecake (for a price). We minted him as an NFT to forever immortalise him to thank him for all his hard work. As always, minted on the polygon network to save you gas fees.

    Beep Boop

  • DJ Frank Is Born

    New NFT

    To celebrate our partnership with DJ Gordon Mac ( we have released a special edition NFT for DJ Frank. This was our first attempt at creating a GIF NFT and was used to reward attendees of Franks Funtime Disco. Once again, Frank is proving himself as the NFT project that continues to deliver and provide utility to Owners.

    You can see this Frank (or buy him) here

    New Merch

    With us releasing a special edition NFT we couldn’t resist to get DJ Gordon Mac his very own merch too. You can take a look here but be sure to grab your discounts codes from our discord first.

  • Merch and Rewards

    Merch Starts Arriving

    Multiple members of our community start receiving their merch orders and have started claiming their free nfts. We minted 20 unique nfts into the Franks Little Achievers collection that can be claimed by the first 20 people to post a picture of their merch. With a choice of either “The Eclipse” NFT or the “Colour Splash” NFT people have been rushing to claim theirs before they’re all gone.

    To make a good deal even better, all our Frank holders are eligible to claim up to a 30% discount from our merch store just for holding a Frank. That’s the Cost Price! Once again, The I’m Frank NFT project delivered on the promise of adding utility and a good return on investment.

    High Rollers Claim their rewards

    Each month, we reward I’m Frank NFT holders who have 5 or more of our nfts the opportunity to claim a unique gift. This month we opted to provide an I’m Frank Funpack. This perk was provided absolutely free can be claimed on our discord. The pack contains:

    • 2 Hand made I’m Frank prints of your choice (must own the franks) – a4
    • 1 Franks Little Achievers Print – a4
    • A selection of I’m Frank stickers available ONLY to high rollers right now
  • Franks Funtime Disco

    DJ GordonMac begins his residency as the official “I’m Frank” DJ. Streaming on Mixcloud he begins with two hours of hits from the Grand Theft Auto universe. This is a hit with the participating Discord community. Thanks to all our winners who claimed over 6 different franks just for listening (you know who you are). As always, Discord is the best place to stay in the know and ensure you don’t miss out.

  • Happy 420 Franks
    420 Frank

    Today launches the release of 420 Frank #1, available to be claimed by any frank owner but with a limited quantity of just 42 so you better be quick! As with most other giveaways, you can claim in our discord.

    Alongside 420 frank, we’ve launched a new initiative for our discord members. Simply let Frank Bot know your birthday and on your special day he’ll give you access to a special room where you can claim a free Birthday Frank

    As always, we are continuing to reward holders. Continue to hold, continue to be rewarded. Frankly, it’s that easy.

  • Merch Store Opens
    Merch Store Preview

    It’s finally here! You can now buy I’m Frank Merch. We’ve been busy creating products and checking quality to give you the most bang for your buck. From socks to hoodies, cushions to cups – Frank has you covered. The best news is that as a Frank holder you can claim a 30% discount on any product. 30% was the most discount we could offer that would cover our supplier’s cost. We hope you find something you like but if not, you can always go ahead and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to cater for you (within reason).

    BUT WAIT – There’s more!

    We have minted 20 super limited edition nfts that can be claimed by simply sending us a picture of your merch once it arrives. Head over to our discord to claim.

  • Shaking things up

    We have finally gone ahead and let Army Frank go home on compassionate leave, of course we aren’t going to leave you high and dry without an alternative, let us introduce you to Zombie Frank! He’s hungry for brains, not your eth – any Frank owner can claim him in our discord for absolutely free.

    Funtime Friday Frank has been a long running part of our discord wherein any owner can win him every friday with just the click of a button. However, who wants to keep winning the same frank over and over?! With all this in mind, we’ve released Funtime Frank #2 – with all the same lovable qualities of funtime frank #1 but with added Togas.

    More Golden Franks – for those of you with 10 or more Franks you can claim the “Man With The Golden Frank” role in our discord simply by verifying with us. Being such a super star comes with perks, we previously gave you Golden Frank #2… guess what – Here’s Golden Frank #2

  • A busy week for frank

    This week, our entire community has been hard at work:

    • Collaborative Buy Thursday (24/3) – Fed up with a gradually falling floor price, approximately 12 owners got together to increase the floor price of frank. We went from a floor price of just 0.0198 on the morning to 0.04 on the afternoon. As a reward for these users we not only purchased nfts from smaller collections and re-gifted them but we also minted a limited edition raider frank into the “Franks Little Achievers” collection and distributed to all those who took part
    • We have ordered sample merch to be delivered within the coming weeks. This is all from our test merch store and gives us a chance to remove some items that don’t offer enough bang for your buck.
    • Playing with videos – we are experimenting with video adverts that will have a more “shareable” feeling to them. These will be used across all of our socials in an attempt to reach those who don’t want to read stats – they just want to see the pretty pictures. Stay tuned for updates as we go.
  • Its 3d Man

    We commissioned the creation of 3 x Toy Face PFP franks. Each is modelled on a “real Frank” and will be sent to whoever purchases the matching real frank automatically. Again, just a little bit of fun for you all .
    You can view the entire Toy Face PFP collection here

  • Assassins Collab

    We have partnered with Assassin Academy to help launch their project. The have supplied us with 5 Assassins to be given away across our social accounts. With that in mind, we gave away away 3 on twitter for those that followed both accounts and 2 exclusively to frank holders. We are refining our “collab method” as we go and will always work to secure a benefit for frank holders.

  • Frank Stimulus Package

    After discussion on our discord, we decided to reward those with 5 or more franks with some “real Franks”. This was done as due to a fortnight of opensea issues along with an overall downward trend in NFT interest there was a noticeable reduction in sales. Until further notice, we will be sending all members with 5 or more franks a free frank every month for holding. This is a temporary measure (As there are only so many franks out there) but the hope is this prevents those that have invested heavily from panicking and selling up. Thanks for your patience and for the discussions we had about this on our discord.

  • Invisible Frank Launched

    We have minted and distributed our new “invisible Frank” series. These will be limited time competitions ran across our socials. As always, we are rewarding out holders.

  • Our First Collab

    We have partnered with “Citizenz” to provide some franks to their community. This promotion will be ran entirely by the citizenz team and will introduce frank to their massive audience.

  • Virtual Gallery Launched

    We did it! We put the time in and found a good virtual gallery to showcase Frank and other YourFaceHere NFTS. Explore this space either with a VR headset or just with the classic “WASD” keys. We hope you enjoy it,

  • Love is in the air

    Today saw the release and distribution of 2 different nfts:
    The Frankentine – this was given away to everyone who purchased any frank in the run up to valentines day.

    Frankbowl, given the confusion during the competition we decided to make more winners than originally suggested. This resulted in us minting 12 Bengals NFT for our runner ups and 1 unique Rams NFT for our winner.

  • Stickers Everywhere

    We have started getting promotional material back from the printers, we haven’t worked out how we are going to give these away just yet but they can sit on our shelves for now. Open to suggestions on this….

  • Freebies

    The five days of frank have come to an end – we gave away 5 franks (1 each day of the week) at random to verified owners who entered the competition. Another Franks Friday Funtime NFT winner was chosen and the frank sent.


    We have started acquiring quotes for a major website upgrade and our new merch store along with holder only perks. We’ve has been hard at work on the prints element and the first tests should be received within a week. An additional discord moderator ( @JynXThePro ) started their trial period. We are trying to get a moderator for each time zone so someone is always available to help on the discord. New marketing strategies for twitter and Instagram marketing agreed and started focusing on more engagement with community and greater art work details. New meme suggestion agreed as per suggestions channel on discord and details of a Frank Meme competition starting to be worked out.

    Virtual Gallery testing – GB and I have been experimenting with different virtual galleries. Currently, alot of them seem buggy but they are on our radar.

  • Shaken, not stirred

    All our “Gold” members today recieve their “the man with the golden Frank” Nft’s. along side this our 5 day Frank giveaway draw begins. one Frank is given to a winner randomly selected on each of the 5 days from today. A gold member is any person who owns 10 or more franks and is registered on our discord

  • The “Frank Army” giveaway is launched.
    An original idea thought up by one of our Discord members, the “Frank Army” begins recruiting. With each new recruit receiving a newly minted “Frank Army” special edition Nft. Only 500 are minted and are given away on a “first come, first served” basis (upon application in the Discord channel).
  • The “Frank 500” giveaway is brought to a close.
    Over 275 “Frank 500‚Äôs” were given away. The offer was wrapped up to make way for‚Ķ
  • The 5 days of Frank competition is launched.
    A Brand new competition is launched. Starting on the 31st of Jan we are giving away one Frank from the “I‚Äôm Frank” collection per day for 5 days. With the winners drawn from all of the “Frank owners” who have entered on our Discord channel.
  • The man with the Golden Frank is launched.
    Another special edition Frank is launched. awarded to “Golden” members of our Discord. (people who own 10 or more Franks) this giveaway is application only and we will only mint the correct number (1 per applicant plus one for each of our moderators) to increase rarity.
  • the SuperBowl 2022 competition is launched.
    To coincide with the start of the NFL playoffs we launched a competition asking our discord members to pick a winner of this years SuperBowl with the winners receiving a specially minted “SuperBowl” Frank adorned in the colours of the winning team.
  • the “O.G. Frank” is launched.
    A Brand new addition to the “franks little achievers” is minted. the O.G. Frank is black and white to celebrate the original 1931 movie, also only 31 are minted. These are given to our “High rollers” (people who own 5 or more Franks).
  • 31st December
    Major server upgrade and maintenance. A raft of new improvements and upgrades are added to “the Beast”, As well as a major re-location to it‚Äôs now permanent home.
  • Festive Frank giveaway begins.
    Also on the 18th the “Festive Frank” giveaway begins. 250 special edition holiday themed Franks are minted and given away free through our Discord.
  • website upgrade.
    The website is given a new makeover, the new “random Frank generator” being the highlight.
  • Major hardware upgrade.
    The purchase and installation of a much more powerful machine (furthermore referred to as “The Beast” takes place to handle our current pricing strategy. Being that it is a much bigger upgrade than needed it also adds a level of future proofing which will help with future projects and strategies such as a quicker minting period than season 1.
  • The Frank 500 giveaway begins.
    As promised in the road map and to celebrate 500 sales “the Frank 500” is launched. A very special edition Frank wearing his racing team colours. 500 are minted and given away free to anyone who requests it on a first come first serves basis. G.B. creates the “naughty list” for those trying to claim multiple times.
  • 500th sale.
    Coming just 8 days after our 250th sale the speed at which it happens is a surprise to everyone.
  • Employee of the Month launches.
    The “employee of the month” award is created. Gifted to people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us. The First recipients of the award are the three moderators in our discord server, with the prize being a “fast food” themed Frank who takes his place in the “little achievers” collection.
  • Road map released.
    Kinda speaks for itself. The Roadmap is revealed (available elsewhere on this site), with giveaways, Upgrades, and more promised in the coming months.
  • Franks Friday Funtime launches.
    The first of many planned competitions and giveaways begins with the launch of “Franks Friday Funtime”. Each Friday a random name is drawn from the Discord competition page. The announcement is made that the first two Friday giveaways will be for 5 each. The prize is a specially generated Frank with all new assets not seen before. A new collection is created to accommodate him and further prize Franks. “Franks little achievers” is launched.
  • 250th sale.
    The launch takes place much better than we had hoped with the 250th sale coming only 12 days after our first.
  • First sale.
    Although technically the first sale was on October 29th this was a test sale with the purchaser being YourFaceHere. The first official sale takes place on the 10th for the bargain price of 0.004 Eth.
  • Discord launched.
    Discord is launched to rapturous applause‚Ķ actually the early days are very quiet, but soon enough it fills with a host of wonderful people from all over the world. “Techy Frank” is born to moderate the discord. Peter (NFTBoom) disappears back into the shadows.
  • NFT Generation and Metadata testing.
    After a series of tests to determine the best ratio of rarities to be added Peter (NFTBoom) begins generating the 10,000 pieces of artwork that will make up the collection.
  • Asset Creation ends.
    From September through to October G.B. (yourFaceHere) works full time on creating what will be the essential building blocks for the Frank artwork. with completion of this stage on October 20th to allow for stage 2 to begin.
  • Concept, Planning, and Design.
    G.B. begins work on designing and creating the assets for a brand new project. The goal is to create something that encompasses the staples of a good NFT project but also adds cultural references not seen in any other NFT artwork. After a short design process and many ideas thrown around “Frank” is born. At the same time Peter (NFTBoom) begins the tough task of researching how the collection is going to be manufactured and presented.
  • Minting.
    The minting process begins with all pieces open to offers at first. Social media advertising also begins with our Twitter and Instagram feeds announcing the launch with a series of free giveaways.