Shaking things up

We have finally gone ahead and let Army Frank go home on compassionate leave, of course we aren’t going to leave you high and dry without an alternative, let us introduce you to Zombie Frank! He’s hungry for brains, not your eth – any Frank owner can claim him in our discord for absolutely free.

Funtime Friday Frank has been a long running part of our discord wherein any owner can win him every friday with just the click of a button. However, who wants to keep winning the same frank over and over?! With all this in mind, we’ve released Funtime Frank #2 – with all the same lovable qualities of funtime frank #1 but with added Togas.

More Golden Franks – for those of you with 10 or more Franks you can claim the “Man With The Golden Frank” role in our discord simply by verifying with us. Being such a super star comes with perks, we previously gave you Golden Frank #2… guess what – Here’s Golden Frank #2