Highway to the collab zone

Today we minted not only our first “real” collab (ie with dual artist participation) but also a tip of our collective cap to maverick!

Top Frank

A top gun themed Polygon NFT with everyone’s favourite Frank in the cockpit

With the release of the Top Gun film, Frank was itching to get into the cockpit of his favourite Jet and take to the skies. With a mint quantity of just 6, this is one of our rarest NFTs to date and has the rarity tag of “Legendary”. As always, you can enter the competition in our discord.

Surreal Frank

We took a shine to the artwork of “Normie101” and couldn’t resist this collab

Our first “Real Collab”, this piece was creating with our artist (GB) and the guest artist (Normie) passing art work back and forth between each other to create this stunning piece. As always, minted on polygon – we minted 25 of these, 1 each for the Frank creators, 6 for giveaways in our discord and 17 given to the guest artist to do with as he pleases. We are excited by the prospect of this kind of collaboration and will continue to seek out similar opportunities in future