Merch and Rewards

Merch Starts Arriving

Multiple members of our community start receiving their merch orders and have started claiming their free nfts. We minted 20 unique nfts into the Franks Little Achievers collection that can be claimed by the first 20 people to post a picture of their merch. With a choice of either “The Eclipse” NFT or the “Colour Splash” NFT people have been rushing to claim theirs before they’re all gone.

To make a good deal even better, all our Frank holders are eligible to claim up to a 30% discount from our merch store just for holding a Frank. That’s the Cost Price! Once again, The I’m Frank NFT project delivered on the promise of adding utility and a good return on investment.

High Rollers Claim their rewards

Each month, we reward I’m Frank NFT holders who have 5 or more of our nfts the opportunity to claim a unique gift. This month we opted to provide an I’m Frank Funpack. This perk was provided absolutely free can be claimed on our discord. The pack contains:

  • 2 Hand made I’m Frank prints of your choice (must own the franks) – a4
  • 1 Franks Little Achievers Print – a4
  • A selection of I’m Frank stickers available ONLY to high rollers right now

The “Frank Army” giveaway is launched.

An original idea thought up by one of our Discord members, the “Frank Army” begins recruiting. With each new recruit receiving a newly minted “Frank Army” special edition Nft. Only 500 are minted and are given away on a “first come, first served” basis (upon application in the Discord channel).


The “Frank 500” giveaway is brought to a close.

Over 275 “Frank 500‚Äôs” were given away. The offer was wrapped up to make way for‚Ķ


The 5 days of Frank competition is launched.

A Brand new competition is launched. Starting on the 31st of Jan we are giving away one Frank from the “I‚Äôm Frank” collection per day for 5 days. With the winners drawn from all of the “Frank owners” who have entered on our Discord channel.


The man with the Golden Frank is launched.

Another special edition Frank is launched. awarded to “Golden” members of our Discord. (people who own 10 or more Franks) this giveaway is application only and we will only mint the correct number (1 per applicant plus one for each of our moderators) to increase rarity.


the SuperBowl 2022 competition is launched.

To coincide with the start of the NFL playoffs we launched a competition asking our discord members to pick a winner of this years SuperBowl with the winners receiving a specially minted “SuperBowl” Frank adorned in the colours of the winning team.


the “O.G. Frank” is launched.

A Brand new addition to the “franks little achievers” is minted. the O.G. Frank is black and white to celebrate the original 1931 movie, also only 31 are minted. These are given to our “High rollers” (people who own 5 or more Franks).


31st December

Major server upgrade and maintenance. A raft of new improvements and upgrades are added to “the Beast”, As well as a major re-location to it‚Äôs now permanent home.


website upgrade.

The website is given a new makeover, the new “random Frank generator” being the highlight.


Festive Frank giveaway begins.

Also on the 18th the “Festive Frank” giveaway begins. 250 special edition holiday themed Franks are minted and given away free through our Discord.