A busy week for frank

This week, our entire community has been hard at work:

  • Collaborative Buy Thursday (24/3) – Fed up with a gradually falling floor price, approximately 12 owners got together to increase the floor price of frank. We went from a floor price of just 0.0198 on the morning to 0.04 on the afternoon. As a reward for these users we not only purchased nfts from smaller collections and re-gifted them but we also minted a limited edition raider frank into the “Franks Little Achievers” collection and distributed to all those who took part
  • We have ordered sample merch to be delivered within the coming weeks. This is all from our test merch store and gives us a chance to remove some items that don’t offer enough bang for your buck.
  • Playing with videos – we are experimenting with video adverts that will have a more “shareable” feeling to them. These will be used across all of our socials in an attempt to reach those who don’t want to read stats – they just want to see the pretty pictures. Stay tuned for updates as we go.